March 28, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

5 Things You Need To Know About Lixo LI5577 Massage Chair Today.

For many years, massage therapy has been recommended by ayurvedic and allopathic medical practitioners as a solution to many modern-day ailments. Small but helpful lifestyle changes such as a massage chair can help alleviate or reduce stress in our life. Massage chairs are a convenient and feasible alternative to full-body massages, as a masseuse can not be available in all places. Lixo is a Healthcare Technology brand that develops luxury massage chairs for personal use at feasible costs.

The Lixo LI5577 is a massage chair crafted especially for your homes and offices. The luxurious touch and look of the chair please all your sense and provide a sense of contentment.

Some of the best features of our Lixo LI5577 are-

  1. Full Body Massage- Equipped with a smart sensor, it targets the areas of most tension and strain and provides pin point massage in form of kneading and tapping on the body. Region-specific massages target shoulder, hip, and leg muscles, the sole massages are a literal lifesaver after a long day. The Quad Style Massage Roller that comes in this model runs along your spine to alleviate back pain and straighten the spine after a long day of sitting or standing.
  2. Luxury Features- The model comes with a robust split line, inbuilt music and Bluetooth and, a heating system. The cutting-edge technology used in our chairs allows you to enjoy a zero-gravity experience.
  3. A Premium Design Just For You- LI5577 offers a premium luxury design that is suitable for all age groups. Irrespective of your age or preferences, you can customise the chair to suit your massage intensity and level of comfort. The PU leather finish and fine texture make these chairs easier to clean. A USB charging point port will also add to the luxury. Our new design also comes with a double-patented acting leg rest, an advanced underfoot roller, and extending footrest with different height ranges.

You can easily create a stress-free zone with these chairs.

  • Advanced Technology, at your doorsteps- With Lixo Massage Chairs, we bring advanced technology to you. The Armrest Rotary’s easy switch of 129-165 degrees, along with the single press toggle mode for readjusting your backrest make the user experience more enjoyable.

The advanced body scanning system helps the rollers find the best position for the back and shoulders. The innovative flexible track allows 35% more coverage than the conventional massage chairs.

How to use it?

Long press the power button to turn the massager off or on. Short press to toggle auto programs and slowly rotate the toggle to raise the backrest up or down.

Lixo is an India-based company that caters to the needs of our Indian consumers. On all our massage chairs we offer a 3-Year On-Site Doorstep Warranty. When it comes to the material used in manufacturing, we only use non-hazardous materials that have passed through the RoHS inspections. Lixo is a brand that has always incorporated cutting-edge technology in our models such as the Lixo LI5577 to provide a seamless experience to all our customers.

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