March 28, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

6 Reasons why the Lixo LI5566 Massage chair is the best for you

The major necessity after a long day is a good massage and a cup of tea. Getting massages daily has numerous benefits but visiting a masseuse every day is practically impossible thus Lixo has come up with the best massage chairs for you to choose from. Amongst the wide range of massage chairs available at Lixo, the LI5566 is the one with its specialties of offering great comfort. A premium massage product that ensures health and blood circulation, Lixo massage chairs are a must-try for all. Adjustable heat and pressure control right under your fingertips with your favourite music for relaxation, sounds like the best time isn’t it?

Without any further delay let’s see why you should go for the LI5566 massage chair at Lixo.

  • Technology supporting Ultimate Relaxation

Lixo LI5566 massage chair is built using futuristic technologies that target different parts of your body and support intelligent multi-dimensional massage techniques. The ultimate mechanisms of shoulder scan, spine care, hand massage, and super soft head-to-toe-care are something that you’re looking for in a massage chair.

  • Stress release and anti-aging

Massage chairs that have adjustable thermostats with breathability are the ones that have been rated high in stress release. Lixo LI5566 is one of those chairs that allow you to customize your comfort level to reach the best body constitution and thus reduce aging.

  • Design that feels like clouds

The Lixo LI5566 comes with a zero-gravity curved design with body stretching for ultimate relaxation. Installed with Bluetooth immersion and USB charging this model also comes with Air Pressure comfort and thermostat heating. Standing amongst the bests the LI5566 supports great relaxation and comfort.

  • Ensure Health even in a busy lifestyle

Busy with our work and household the first sacrifice we make is of our health. The Lixo LI5566 is designed with features of Yoga, Release, Thai, Chinese, Ancient, Boss, Lady, Senior, Neck & Shoulder, Waist & Buttock, Back & Spine. The multidimensional relaxation helps in better flow of blood throughout the body.

  • Design that’s made for you

The Lixo LI5566 comes in a capsule shape with multi-layered airbags that will help in great relaxation from head to toe. There are spikes rollers installed that perform Shiatsu. This design encompasses a micro-environment and allows you to customize the intensity of the massage.

  • Impressive Technique

Massage is an art that many believe can be performed solely by trained personnel. The Lixo LI5566 comes with expressive techniques installed that make you feel as comfortable as the Human-touch. The Sync, Knocking, Shiatsu, Tapping, Kneading, and 3D shiatsu arts ensure a superior and relaxing massage experience.

The Lixo LI5566 has massage reflexes that can respond to your stress and help in improving your sleep quality. This relaxation time will balance your energy and help you heal from the stress. It is advised that a massage of 40 mins a day will help in great body mobility and also ensures brighter days for you with less weary mornings.

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