March 28, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
Amala Paul

Amala Paul looked like Priyanka Chopra: Nayantara

Generally we come across heroines having cat fights in the industry due to their professional competition. But that seem to be happening with these Malayali beauties. Yes, they are Nayantara and budding actress Amala Paul. The glamour queen of South cinema has recently showered praises on Amala Paul after seeing her photo shoot of a leading women’s magazine.

It is known that Nayantara is thoroughly impressed with Amala Paul images on the magazine and she went on to an extent of sending Amala a sms and the actress who received the message has bumped over for Nayan’s sms.

Nayantara’s sms was: “You looked really good in the JFW photo shoot and in one of the pictures; you looked so much like Priyanka Chopra. The way you have made this fast make-over is quite appreciable”

Amala Paul with joy and happiness quickly replied back to Nayan: “Nayan you made my day. It was so sweet and kind of you to tell me this, and these words coming from you, means a lot. No other heroine of your stature would tell me this”

Well, it’s good to see the friendly nature between the two Keralite beauties!!!

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