December 5, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Corporate Guest Booking at Renown Suite

LX Hotel chiefly is accustomed to Imperial settings framing right Businesses and Corporate guest booking stating high living. Complimentary goodies, smart-work order, lets LX suite present your business and meeting arrangements in honored lights.

Be amazed, with good news, of LX suite providing $10 cash to the corporate businesses together on LX reward credit card, on every single stay. Booking experience, that builds your brand, with the comfiest booking procedure.

LX suite prepares corporate guest booking on strict formats and the decorum accompanied by regal fit-arts to maintain the best professional arena. It resists the occupancy of the casual approach or the tidbit compromise with desired arrangings. Never gives it space!

Seamless Integrated Setup

LX Hotel’s regal-administration team incorporates ingenious framing to embellish business events, of each meeting and purpose. Every seating gets crafted into creative fit-ups, objects, work resources, meeting briefs, document matters, and more. Alignment of well-placed settings, and the right entrance of each antique and beautification for the event purpose, is set by the official team of LX Hotel.

Business Modifications

Each meeting setting gets followed by the availability of the 24/7 speediest wifi, incorporated within the highest to farthest spots connectivity in the LX suite. The maintenance team is the clock well accustomed to cross-check and amend by the front foot service.

The emergency of electric modifications and fittings of add-ons is placed with EV charging. A right acquaintance of front-desk approach, ease-of relation with kids brings comfort to the vibe for higher relaxation if you get stuck by strict work regimes.

How LX Suite Excels in Corporate Setups?

  • All the Way Digitally Inclined
  • On-Time and Secured Reservations
  • Back and Forth Prior-Checkin Communication
  • Brings Earliest to Delayed Check-In Flexibility
  • Accompanies and Address Your Guest Queries
  • Assists Guests with Patient Behaviour
  • Looks after guests with the extra need for hours
  • Fastest Installation of Added Gadgets during meetings
  • Ensure smooth on-going of corporate events
  • Communicates with Guest Post Departure
  • Takes feedback from each guest

Monarchial Suite

Guest are called into LX ambiance through ease of complimentary parking and welcomed within our smoke-less property. Pets get a welcome from us if they are at service-for the disabled ones. Extra care is brought across by our trained staff for the care maintenance of disabled guests.

After guest-event hours, the joy of vacation can be imbibed with a much joyous foot massage, mini bar, and fitness routine to start the day with zeal. LX Hotel brings leisure of lavish life within the room and suite stays. Guests are brought in comforts of complimentary breakfast, suiting their whereabouts and time-maintenance. Each work, service, comfort, and luxury, streams in adherence to your ease of stay.

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