November 26, 2022
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How to Create Policy and Procedure Management? Top 5 Steps to Follow

What is Policy and Procedure Management?

The process of creating, implementing, and maintaining policies and procedures within an organization is known as policy management and procedure management. Policy and procedure management can assist organizations in reducing risk and securing stakeholders. Policy and procedures management is the backbone of any well-structured organization.

However, such documentation is commonly done on paper or sent over email, distributing it throughout the organization and making it difficult to keep track of, manage, and distribute. As a result of this unplanned approach, policies are more likely to be developed, presented, and managed in an inconsistent manner. It can be time-consuming and costly to continue with inefficient policy and procedure management techniques. Worse, it puts your company at risk of legal, regulatory, reputational, and health and safety issues.

Steps of Policy and Procedure Management

Policy management is the five-part process as given below:

1. Create

The creation of effective policies is the first and most significant stage in successful policy and procedure management. These policies and procedures should be consistent and make it transparent to your employees how your company and its employees should proceed.

2. Attest

The approval procedure should begin as soon as a new policy is prepared. Manually organizing a large number of employees to evaluate and attest to regulations is a big pain point for many firms. A good policy management system will guarantee that the right authorities are notified and that the appropriate policies are reviewed. It’s essential that everyone approve of the most recent version of the policy.

3. Distribute

It’s vital to be able to quickly distribute critical new regulations, especially during times of disruption that may result in a remote workforce or other communication issues. Staff can simply search, access, and use these documents from a central location. This helps them automate their workflows and spend less time on time-consuming administrative activities.

4. Manage

Cloud storage is the most common sort of storage, in which the storage system organizes data according to its affiliation with certain file types including documents, spreadsheets, and PDFs. While data may be stored in many locations on a hard drive, the system recognizes them as part of a single file and stores that information, along with some basic metadata, in the system’s directory. The SharePoint Policy and Procedure Management System allows you to create, publish, and distribute policies in a variety of formats, including photos, videos, and audio files.

5. Maintain

You must track the effectiveness of your policies, conduct research and keep track of important events, save lawsuits/investigations material securely, provide more training and attestation to staff, and encourage continual development. Policies should evolve and change as organizations do. Furthermore, adhering to regulatory standards may necessitate reviewing and revising rules on a regular basis.

Policy and Procedure Management System

Most people don’t enjoy having to work on policies and procedures on a daily basis, but they are necessary for every organization, whether we like it or not. Fortunately, there are options to streamline and automate the process, which relieves a few people of their responsibilities while benefiting everyone.

It’s vital to have a system in place to manage these constantly changing records. A policy management system, when utilized effectively, can help you save time and money while also reducing potential risks to your employees and company. Despite the benefits, businesses generally do not prioritize policy and procedure administration, and policies can become extremely complicated to structure and maintain without current solutions overseeing them.

Why Microsoft 365 Policy and Procedure Management System?

Microsoft 365 Policy Management System makes it easy to review, manage and share your company’s critical procedures and policies. It may be used to automate a variety of operations to make policy management easier, as well as to assign policy attestation and quizzes to ensure that stakeholders read and understand the regulations that help them. 

Effective policy and procedure management can be provided via the cloud, with no software to install, no need for local IT help, and no need for computer skills. Because many smaller businesses lack internal IT assistance, a system that incorporates implementation and support is essential. 

Policies and procedures, as well as other key papers, may all be managed in one place. All content is saved in a single online place that is accessible over the internet and does not require the installation of any additional software. Data is arranged in a standard fashion and is easy to find. The content is easily searchable, which saves your employees time.


Prudent policy and procedure management can help protect a company against lawsuits, non-compliance fees and stakeholder distrust. When everyone in a company understands their roles and duties, productivity and accountability surge, while inefficiency starts to drop. Policy management software improves the effectiveness of policies and procedures by allowing them to be accessed, consulted, and reviewed at any time.

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