December 5, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
Web series

Kadhal KasaKuthaiya

First Look
First Look

Dev, a relationship therapist who conducts his sessions in a wellness spa is gifted with the ability to feel one’s current state of mind with the sense of touch. Being a successful therapist, Dev meets 5 couples facing various relationship issues. He uses his unique gift to understand what his clients are feeling at the moment and helps them solve their underlying issues by helping them rekindle their lost love. Dev in is 40s, is single and sceptical of love when it comes to himself until he meets the love of his life, Neha. He falls in love at first sight but is never able to read her emotions because she has a rare condition called ‘Haphephobia’, the fear of being touched. Due to this condition, she had a traumatic past which caused many insecurities in her. This puts Dev in a spot as he is unable to use his ability to woo or understand Neha. While he helps the 5 couples to revive their love, will he be able to win Neha’s heart? This mini-series is a reflective and humorous journey of Dev realizing that love is not only about touch, feel or just emotions, it’s beyond.

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