November 26, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
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Ra One bigger than Enthiran

Shah Rukh Khan wants his Ra One, a Sci-Fi flick to be bigger than Endhiran. The film is due to be released this October and news is out that the King Khan is planning to release the film in 3D format.

Many studios, including a few in Hollywood, are approaching him regarding the conversion of the film to 3D, says the director of the movie. Since it was not intended to release the movie in 3D earlier, they shot it normally like any other movie. However, the filmmakers still have an option to convert it to 3D format.

The movie is in the post-production stage now and that is expected to get over by this April. It is also expected that the budget of the movie will increase from its projected 150 crores if converted to 3D.

Moreover, the release of the movie will be postponed to October rather than the planned April release. With Ra One in 3D this Diwali, will it be bigger than Shankar’s Endhiran – is the question doing rounds among the movie buffs across the country.


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