December 2, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA
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Rajini and Kamal to act together

Yes, the news is confirmed! What the fans have been looking forward to seems to be finally happening for the Superstar and the Ulaganayagan have indeed decided to come together on screen. The director who has managed this feat is none other than the veteran K.Balachander who has made several movies with the two stalwarts together. This film, however, will not be a full length feature film but a short film. There is a connection between the start of this film and the building in Payanoor that is about to be built dedicated to all the talents in Tamil Cinema. The laying of the foundation stone for the building has been complete and the actual work will start soon and that will also mark the commencement of this short film starring Rajini and Kamal with K Balachander calling the shots. This is the first time the actors are coming together for a short film and we cannot wait to see them rock!

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