December 5, 2022
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Top 5 must-visit places in Monroe, Louisiana

Meta Title: 5 Places in Monroe, Louisiana you don’t want to miss

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Monroe, Louisiana is a great place of historical importance. This timeless place certainly has got something for everyone. Visit with your friends & family.

Located on the Ouachita River, Monroe, Louisiana, is filled with beauty and aesthetics. It is a perfect location to plan your family holidays or professional conferences. While Hotel Room Reservation in Monroe Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, LA by Hilton makes your stay comfortable and classy, here are a few places in the city you can’t afford to miss.

1. Antique Alley

Distance from Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, LA: 5.2 miles

Aptly called “a shopaholic’s delight”, Antique Alley will give you an unforgettable shopping experience. Find an endless lineup of stores flooded with everything beautiful, from aesthetic home decor, jewelry, and clothing to European & Indian antiques and art. If you are fond of collectibles, you would never leave this place. If you are looking for a perfect gift, there couldn’t be a better place to find one. There is always something for everyone at the Alley. Walk down the alley to find over 100 restaurants that serve some of the world’s best delicacies.

2. Biedenharn Museum & Gardens

Distance from Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, LA: 5.5 miles

Biedenharn is a museum complex that stands as testimony to the historical importance of Monroe, LA. The highlight of the spot is the Coke Museum which has been operational since 2008. A five-cent soda vending machine welcomes you for the museum tour. They have an extensive exhibit of Coca-Cola memorabilia that fills two big rooms. A fascinating soda fountain is bound to pay tribute to Mr. Joe Biedenharn who first decided to bottle up coke. The visitors will be demonstrated the original bottling process of Coca-cola as well.

The complex also houses the Bible Museum. It displays a huge collection of Bibles from across the globe. Getting to see a page from the 1454-55 Gutenberg Bible will make you feel really special.

3. Excalibur

Distance from Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, LA: 13.5 miles

Excalibur is a happening place with fun-filled activities and delicious food. With 3 go-kart tracks, get racing with loved ones. They have their tracks modified to ensure that the kids don’t miss out on the fun. Good luck with convincing the kids to leave the gaming arcade. With 50 amazing arcade games, experience non-stop gaming action with your family. Adding up the excitement, Excalibur presents interesting prizes and giveaways for the winners. If your family loves gaming. Then this is a paradise.

4. Pecanland Mall

Distance from Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, LA: 1.5 miles

Located very close to Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, LA the Pecanland Mall is a go-to shopping destination in Monroe, LA. It has got an amazing line-up of top brands to shop from. You can treat your tastebuds to some fine dining in renowned food outlets within the premises. Get a global shopping experience, purchasing from international brands all in one place.

5. Louisiana Purchase Garden and Zoo

Distance from Hampton Inn & Suites Monroe, LA: 4.4 miles

The Monroe Zoo is a perfect place to reconnect with nature. Learn and witness the existence of native as well as exotic animals at the zoo. This location hosts The Safari Boat Ride will let you sail through the swamps and experience serenity like never before. The Train Ride across the zoo will excite your kids big time. The zoo also lets you host birthday parties, making it a great spot for birthday getaways.

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