March 28, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Veelead Launching the Power Platform Support Service for Enterprises

Veelead launched a Microsoft Power Platform Support Services that help Public Sector Organizations research data, build engaging business applications and automate processes quickly and efficiently. Veelead services empower organizations to use Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Power Virtual Agents. Empower your workforce, automate tasks, streamline processes and deliver customer satisfaction. PowerApps enables anyone to create web and mobile applications without writing code. The natural connection between Power BI and PowerApps makes it effortless to put insights within the hands of maintenance workers, HR, sales, marketing and other team members on the frontline, in tailored, task-specific applications that boost their productivity to the subsequent level.


Veelead provides cloud planning services as a part of our Research, Design, Deliver, Optimise approach. During the Research phase, we’ll undertake user research and workshops to raise understanding the present infrastructure and desired outcomes. As a part of this, we will run cloud awareness sessions to help organizations understand the potential of the cloud and also the options open to them. During the planning phase, we’ll use our Cloud Architects to style the top solution then provide a practical plan of the way to get from this state to the specified cloud architecture.

Setup and Migration:

Veelead incorporates a four-step approach to helping organizations move to the cloud: Research, Design, Deliver, Optimise. within the Research phase, we’ll seek to know the prevailing infrastructure and software estate. In Design, we use our expert knowledge of Cloud services to style the new architecture. In Deliver, we implement the answer and in Optimise we implement a continuing improvement process so as to make sure organizations are always making the foremost of the Cloud. Setup and migration of Cloud services are undertaken as a part of the Deliver phase where we use an experienced team to deliver the cloud solution.

Our view begins with the basic understanding that data is increasingly flowing from every department and firms that plan to the method of capturing their data to realize insights then leveraging those insights to drive intelligent business processes and decisions will outperform their competitors that don’t .

Veelead can tailor support levels and costs to an organization depending on requirements.

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