March 28, 2023
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Why SharePoint Is the Best for Your Document Management Process?

Documents are an important element of any business collaboration. Managing documents, on the other hand, is a difficult process, especially when the quantity is large. It can take a long time to locate a crucial file. SharePoint Document Management System is revolutionizing document management and empowering teams to be more productive and efficient.

Benefits of SharePoint for your Document Management Process

Document Sharing

How do you get feedback on a document from your coworkers? Do you prepare a document and then email it to your coworkers for editing and feedback? Do all users submit you individual files with their changes? If this is the case, you’re manually combining all revisions and comments into a single document. You are overworking yourself!

SharePoint allows you to manage document feedback, reviews, and changes in a much more intelligent way. A file can be saved to a document library. Multiple users can read and edit the file using the features of permissions, workflow, and approvals. You have one copy of the file that contains everyone’s comments. On the document, the feedback is automatically consolidated.


Your documents are highly secure with SharePoint. You can share them with individuals or groups both inside and outside your company. Security settings can be set for individual files (so, for example, a file on the HR site containing private information can be shared with only one employee), folders (so you can share a folder with an external vendor), entire sites (so everyone on the Marketing team can access their site), or site collections (a group of sites).

These security settings will not only prevent a user from accessing a file, but they will also hide the site from search results, ensuring that a user will be unaware that a file exists if they do not have the authorization to see it.


SharePoint allows several users to collaborate on the same document at the same time. They can work on the same proposal as a Sales Rep, Engineer, and Marketing Coordinator at the same time! SharePoint locks parts that users are working on and automatically updates the document as changes are made.


Having all of your documents on a single device saves a lot of space when compared to paper documentation. What used to take rooms of dedicated document backlogs may now be done with a single laptop storing decades of data.

Digital documents can also be poorly handled and consume a lot of storage space, which is another area where a document management system comes in handy. The space used up by too many files owing to a lack of organization can be freed up with better-managed documents.


SharePoint’s versioning tools allow you to keep track of all of your changes in a single document. Every time the document is saved, new versions are automatically added to the list. You can always go back to an older version if you need it. Users can leave feedback on the changes they’ve made to their version. Users can also keep track of major and minor versions (which they might publish and share with a prospect) (which may contain edits that have not been proofread and approved yet).


Veelead Solutions specialized in SharePoint consulting services and document management solutions, and can help you deploy all or part of this plan to boost your company’s productivity. In addition to document management, our DMS effortlessly connects with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint to offer connectivity, collaboration, and productivity.

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